Houston Adventist Academy opened Fall 2003 to serve Houston families seeking a more spiritual alternative to public school.  HAA continues to grow and daily reminds us that God has a vision for this institution far beyond what we can imagine.  


Serving Kindergarten through twelfth grade, the education program at Houston Adventist Academy is run by certified, experienced, energetic faculty. Our individualized approach allows for accelerated students to join other classes, as well as make modifications as needed for others. Classrooms are Christ-centered with a balance of student-centered and teacher-directed education.  



Both our elementary and high school programs are fully accredited with the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, The National Council for Private Schools, The Texas Private School Accreditation Commission, and the Texas Education Agency.


National achievement test scores show that our students are performing at or above national averages.  It is our goal to provide a quality education that will open the doors of opportunity to our students.  In addition, as a Christian school, it is our goal to lead our students to the open door of grace offered through Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Lord.  Everything we do is predicated on Jesus.


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"Love, The Basis of Creation and Redemption, Is The Basis of True Education. 


To enable learners to develop a life of faith in God, and to use their knowledge, skills, and understandings to serve God and humanity. For every learner to excel in faith, learning, and service, blending biblical truth and academic achievement to honor God and bless others.



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