Our classrooms are small, multi-grade environments. They are structured in schedules and routines. Daily content and expectations are based on developmental learning. Because of our small class size, students are privileged to receive more one-on-one instruction and thus progress through their studies more efficiently. Having multi-grade environments allows for leadership, reinforcement of learning and skills, and creates strong relationships between the
faculty and students.
Exercising and learning to care for our bodies is an important aspect of education. When the body is strong, the mind is strong, and then the spirit will be strong also. All age groups go outside for fresh air, exercise or free play at least once a day. Science classes emphasize nutrition, how our bodies work, and how to keep our bodies strong for the service of God.
Each class taught at HAA is done so with Christ-focused instruction. Jesus is invited into the classroom each day as we begin with worship. Special chapel presentations take place each Friday, and a Week of Prayer service is scheduled once per semester. Community service activities, spirit week, and prayer buddies are also emphasized within the curriculum.

Meet Our Staff




Position: Treasurer



Position: Administration & Admission


Position: Pre-K & Kindergarden


I feel it is my mission to minister
to children in this capacity and it goes beyond my job description. I have had the pleasure of teaching at Houston Adventist Academy. Our school is home and family to me, there is no other way about it! I love our school and our students and their families. Serving here has been my greatest pleasure
and seeing my students grown from young children to full grown young people has been my joy. Being a part of their life and seeing the students grown in their academic journey and most importantly their spiritual journey has been a highlight of my career



Position: 5th & 6th Grade Teacher

“Become a teacher,” I was told more than once.  My answer was always, “no way!”  Here I am, 15 years of teaching in the public and private sectors plus 2 years of homeschooling my own and others, doing what God has loudly asked me to do.  I look back and don’t see myself doing anything else!  From Pre-K to 8th graders, God has lead me to not only teach, but be taught!  Children have that effect, you know, and every year I learn to become a better teacher because of my students... aka “my kids!”  




Position: 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher


Jean Valdenegro has taught for 25 years in elementary education. She graduated from Union College in Nebraska with a BS degree in Elementary Education and as AS degree in Office
Management. She earned her M.Ed in Education in Texas at Southwestern Adventist University.Over the years, she has worked with Pre-School ages 18 months and up, and both early and middle
elementary school ages up through 8 th grade. In several schools, she also served as Principal or Head Teacher. She worked on a Curriculum Committee in the Mid- American Union, and helped pilot the Globetrotter Curriculum.



Position:  Mathematics 

What Students can expect from my class is to walk into a classroom in which students aren’t afraid to ask questions. Parents can expect their kids to learn to depend on God to understand the material and improve in their math skills. What separates me from other educators, probably my experience teaching abroad.

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Position: 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher


As a little girl, I dreamed of becoming a teacher one day. I made that dream a reality in 2012 when I graduated with a degree in education from the University of Houston-Downtown. graduated with a Master degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Houston Baptist University. I believe communication is key in a successful classroom. I like to keep parents informed and up to date about events, grades, struggles, and victories. I believe my communication with students is just as important. Students will know what is expected of them at all times, and what we will do to achieve our goals. They will also know they are loved and cared for by their teacher.




Position:  Science

Dr. Gonzalez was born in the city of New York. His passion for teaching led him to work at Lonestar Community college as a chemistry professor while he fulfilled his post-doc. During this academic process, Dr. Gonzalez has also worked as a mentor and youth leader. He has a lot of experience on how to interact and create open communication with the youth to be able to speak to them about Jesus, our teacher. In many of his chats with the youth, or sermons, he uses scientific concepts to demonstrate God’s love, mercy, and grace. With his wife, he has a powerful music ministry that has been a blessing for many.

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Position: Music Director


After years of teaching music to both children and adults in Colombia, I felt called to pursue a master’s degree from Andrews University. When I finished, God brought me to Texas where I have been teaching choir and handbells to Grades K-12 for the past several years.


Passion & ministry focused.




Position: Foreign Language


I have been teaching for thirteen years. 

My goal as a teacher is to bring the mind of the students in communion with the mind of God. To relate every subject to the Word of God and prepare disciples for Christ’s soon coming. Parents and students can expect to meet a teacher who encourages and loves each student in her classroom.



Position: Physical Education Teacher/Director of Athletics


In my class students can expect to think critically. It is of great importance that a student learns how to think.

We use biblical teachings and stories and make them relevant to us now.The end of goal of a Coach Larriu taught class is not content mastery, rather Christ character mastery. We can have all the knowledge in the world but with out Jesus we have nothing

I promote group collaborations and discussions. Most importantly I require my students to be responsible and hold them accountable for their work and their actions. We are all in this together!



Position: School Counselor 

In my classroom, Every student will be treated fairly to help and guide them to their highest potential. I will motivate students to set and inspire them to achieve their goals. Most important With God by their side they will succeed! 

What makes me unique is the passion I have to teach and to counsel. My diverse background that allows me to better help my students. I am able to help them mentally, physically, emotionally as well as  academically and spiritually. 

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Position: Adjunct



Position: Religious Teacher

"The teachers and staff are invested in our kids education, family atmosphere and solid preparation for the world as well as sound biblical instruction that leads the kids to worship the Creator in Spirit and in Truth."


-J. Sinuhe Figueroa, Parent